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Critics Corner

. One of the consistently best Mexican food restaurants in Sac.

I've tried most of the menu, but generally only order the Carnitas enchiladas with the mole sauce now.

That and a house salad and all is good.

I've been coming her since the restaurant opened and have yet to have a bad meal here.

. We were this gigantic group that showed up without a reservation, and they accommodated us very well. The waitress was extremely patient because people kept wandering in and she somehow remembered who ordered and who hadn't.

The salsa was terrific! Probably one of the best salsas I've had in a Mexican restaurant! They were awesome about refilling the chips and salsa too, which I really appreciate.

I ordered the carnitas and it was REALLY well flavored. I can taste citrus and garlic, and it was probably the best marinated carnitas I've had in a long time.

. This is by far the best Mexican place in Sacramento!!! I usually make it about a month before the cravings for Tres Hermanas overtakes me and I must go. I've tried several items on the menu and always go in there wanting to try something new but every time I always end up ordering the chicken tacos which have a fried taco shell, shredded chicken cooked to perfection, and are covered with cheese. The salsa here is to die for and their house cilantro salad dressing is amazing (try it with the chips and salsa!!). That meal with a Dos Equis Amber (or 2) makes any day better!

But really, (even though everything is beyond amazing) what my husband and I think is the star of Tres Hermanas is their Mexican rice. I know you're thinking, really the rice? But seriously every time we go we try to figure out what they do to make this rice so magical. I'm sure it's the massive amounts of lard it's probably cooked in but whatever it is it's pure heaven. It's such a simple thing, an after thought to most people, but really that simple, delicious, incredibly flavorful side dish is a showcase to how great this place is.

. I may not know much being an out-of-towner, but I had the best tacos here. The carnitas was mildly flavorful but very tender, the pastor was packed full of flavor (the best I've ever had) and the corn tortillas added the perfect touch. I had my dinner mate's enchiladas with mole sauce, and the mole was the best I've ever had. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy and all around super flavorful. Place was small and casual and the waitress was super friendly and funny to have around.

And they have an extensive margarita list too. They're well priced, they're well made, and they're made STRONG. The husband took much longer than normal to finish his ONE highball-sized 'rita.

If you're in town you HAVE to go to this place! Don't just stand there - GO.

. Excellent Mexican food. I always get the fried shelled chicken tacos - they are always cooked to perfection in crispy shelled goodness! I especially like how they include soup or salad with the entrees and I always get the albondigas (meatball) soup. The chips and salsa are also quite tasty. We've also tried their enchiladas and tamales - also very good.

. What can I say? This is AUTHENTIC, *FRESH*, REAL Mexican Food.

Chips and Salsa: These deep fried wonders are nice and fresh, and not too salty. I like the idea of adding your own to taste, not feeling like you're a BARN animal with a salt lick. They're also not super greasy, which is an added bonus. The salsa that comes with them is first rate as well.

When I eat there, the food always seems to be served nice and hot. I hate eating out and receiving lukewarm food, not the case at Tres! I've never had an issue with feeling neglected or ignored. Sodas and water kept full, friendly waitresses. The plates and decor are colorful and cheery. The presentation of the food, makes you think they care about what they are serving.

I like their Chicken Chimichanga. It's crisp and packed with seasoned chicken. The simulated Mexican Flag made out of sour cream, red sauce, and guacamole on top of the fried burrito is a nice touch (see my picture). The spicy chicken soup, in my experience is served at the perfect temperature with a generous amount of meat in it. Their Chicken Taco Salad is super fresh tasting, the grilled chicken on top is delicious, and the cilantro dressing is just out of this world. Carne Asada is a must try as well, I think it's screamin'. Ooh, and I almost forgot, their spanish rice is the best I've tasted. I usually ignore the rice at most Mexican Restaurants because it's bland and uninteresting. Tres Hermanas does it right.

-From yelp.com
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